Atlas Shingle Styles and Color Coices

There is a reason we like to recommend Atlas Shingles, in one word “Quality” and in two words “Quality and Performance”!  We at RBC Roofing will install just about any type  of roofing material

but there is a few types we would just rather not.  You can call us anytime for a free quote in the Dallas – Fort Worth area!  817-360-2505  We will be glad to discuss your roofing needs and measures are always free!

Protect the investment in your home against severe weather with the Atlas 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty*.

Class 4 Impact Resistance Shingles with Lifetime protection against algae

Ask your insurance agent about discounts on your homeowners insurance when you install UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistant StormMaster® shingles.

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Important:  Sealing of the adhesive strips on each shingle to the shingle beneath is created by heat from sunlight. Atlas Roofing Corporation also endorses the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s (ARMA) recommendations for application details not specified within this text.  DO NOT INSTALL STORMMASTER® SLATE OVER EXISTING SHINGLES- START WITH A CLEAN DECK, COVERED WITH APPROVED UNDERLAYMENT.

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